Sunday, October 16, 2011

September and October

Hello again, blog. As I mentioned a couple posts ago, I feel like I blog all the time, but it’s for the event company! Most of you probably don’t read it (you should cause it’s awesome and super fun to write, BLOG), so I realize you may feel like we don’t update very often. I’m going to try to keep you all up to date more often on what is going on in our lives.

A few months ago I blogged about getting to be a bridesmaid in my friend Torie’s wedding coming up in May. Since then I have not added that I also have the pleasure of being the Matron of Honor at my best friend Jamie’s wedding in May, and a bridesmaid in my other great friend Anna’s wedding in June. I am telling you I have the BEST friends in the whole world, and I am so thankful for them. I am so completely honored that all three of them want me to share their special days with them. I cannot WAIT for showers and parties and dresses and tears! Love you ladies!

So what have we been up to lately you ask? My sister and her husband recently bought a house. A few weeks ago we helped paint and move them in. It’s such a nice house only about fifteen minutes from ours. They’re still settling in, but they love having the security of their own home and a nursery that’s ready to be decorated for baby! Kelsey is now 19 weeks along and starting to show. She’s such a tiny, cute pregnant person. I can’t wait until you can REALLY tell!

Our friends Mandy and Bryce also just bought their first home. A couple of weekends ago Trent and I went to Augusta to visit and see the new house! It is gorgeous and perfect for them! We’re so excited for them and their new life. They recently moved back to Augusta for Bryce’s job and Mandy will be finishing up her degree next semester while student teaching. We got to be the first guests to sleep in the guest room! Thanks Howie’s!

Earlier in September I got to go to a few weddings, also. The first one was for two of my colleagues, Matt and Robin. I shouldn’t just call them my colleagues because they’re my friends more. Robin and I joke that we should have known each other in high school because we would have instantly connected over our love of ‘N Sync! The wedding was perfect and so beautiful! Here are some photos.

The weekend after that I got to travel with my mom and sister to Minnesota to see a family friend get married. They were our neighbors when we were little and have stayed close friends. Congratulations to Paul and Amy! It was a beautiful and fun night! We had so much fun spending time with the Shanafelts and the Hays and shopping at the Mall of America!

This weekend we went to Augusta again, this time for Anna and Amos' engagement party. It was so fun to celebrate such an exciting thing and see great friends. Here are some photos.

That’s basically what we’ve been up to. We are loving the new fall weather, and Trent can’t wait to take Yozh camping again. They’re planning a trip for next weekend. Busy busy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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